I started off completely broke with suffering ill parents, to make my first million milestone before the age of 35.

I have gone through the days of rags, and also enjoyed the days of riches.

Based on true story and struggles,

i hereby give you another perspective to why some of the businesses or investments succeed and others fail miserably.



1) The Shiny Object Syndrome

After watching the movie “UP”, I started to reflect on myself as the dogs who get easily distracted by Squirrels.

There are so many attention grabbing ads and gurus that sells the next shiny object…..


They teach you on how to become successful, 

Introducing a new type of “Vehicle” that promises to bring you from where you are now

to where you want to be.


After spending about $100,000


i couldn’t deny that some of the gurus are the real deal, and the knowledge I’ve learned was extremely helpful to build a wealthy empire.


However, there is one problem…..


I became an Info Hoarder.

I spent a lot of time learning and collecting tons of information without taking real action.

Writing and planning the whole time, forever feeling insecure doubting my capabilities.

I was switching from business to business, ideas to ideas, investments to 


Investments for every 6 months without properly sticking to one choice and work my ass off to make it work.


Setting unrealistic expectations…. due to impatient of achieving the results.


Being a


“Monkey Mind” was my greatest failure of all.


It was not until i ran out of options that i start sticking to ONE business model that i enjoy the most, 


grinding in all the hard work and improve day by day for almost 3 years…….


to finally see some results. 


Everyone can succeed, as long as we pick ONE idea and STICK to it for the next 3-5 years 

and learn how to enjoy the journey without being distracted by SQUIRRELS!!



2) You Have An illness

The next reason for NOT being successful or wealthy is because of an “illness”.




I am not talking about some Flu or Covid19 virus while i am writing this.


It’s the kind of illness that has no medical remedies and does not spread from China


It can emerge within yourself anytime, anywhere…..


It’s an old Virus that exist since the very beginning of mankind:


It’s called LAZINESS


Most people thinks that they want to be rich,


But all they really want……..


is to get high at the beach everyday (higher than Snoop Dog)


with a juicy cocktail,


surrounded with bikini girls (or guys) 24/7…


A life that you do not need to work forever,


just lying down all the time playing video games


or binging on Netflix without doing anything.


This is the exact kind of bull sh*t and mind f**king  


Impressions from TV media, fake gurus & dramas of how wealthy people’s lives should be like.


The Truth is: That’s the slowest way to ever be financially free & successful.


After digging deep into the truth for decades, I finally know how billionaires become rich from rags and how are their daily life today.


Let me give a tight “wake up” slap and bring things back to reality.

Every human soul that exists in this world has a purpose. 


Being wealthy truly depends on how much value this particular person is contributing to the society as well as how much others are willing to pay for it.


Becoming rich and successful requires sacrifice. 


We need to give up on the things we love,


push ourselves out of the comfort zone to do things we may not like,


endure the fear of uncertainties,


the pain of being rejected,


countless failures, loneliness,


and misery for being misunderstood most of the time.


I am not saying that being successful means you need to live in HELL, but rather embracing the challenges to seek benefits in within,


Such as absolute freedom, confidence, excitement and most importantly continuous growth to fulfil your ultimate purpose in life.


Most people hate to go through what it takes to live a life of abundance.


Get Over It or Get Lost.


I respect people who wants to live a normal life,


savour the little moments with your families and friends,


being lazy and relax to let days go by.


Well, that’s cool, you do you.


However, Stop Bitching, Moaning and Whining about how unfair people who made it to the top with 6,7,8 figure income, feeling envy about not driving your favourite dream car or having your dream vacation when you are too lazy to put down that bloody remote and start rolling up your sleeve.




3) Balance between Snooty Snob & Butt head

Ok, this needs a little more explanation, so bare with me for a moment.


There are lots of articles and advice 

telling you NOT to hang out with lower income Negative Mentality, Poverty Mind or high Toxicity People.


I had been hanging out with 2 groups of people when i just started working on a job while in a transition towards building a business as side hustle.


So I am definitely in the position to refine this statement a little more.


I am not agreeing that you should NOT hangout with any of your other friends, 


Instead you should.


but be extremely careful.


Do not be influence by them on their way of life.


They are mostly scams or people trying to “pull your feet down and join them”.


We also need to be cautious about adopting any of their habits.






But what you really need to do is observe and listen


Study the real pain and frustration that they are going through


to give you a hint on how to build your next million dollar idea.

If you are able to provide solutions to the 99% of the world, then you are running

towards becoming the next 1% of the top most successful people.



4) The Crowd Pleaser



Get good grades, get a good job, climb the corporate ladder, play it safe,


avoid investment because it’s risky,

money does not grow on trees,


you must be an expert before attempting to do anything,

please follow the best practise etc.etc…………… and the list goes on & on.


Try your best to follow what your family, friends & colleagues say just to fit in,


pleasing everyone so you do not look bad…..


If you follow these Bull Sh*t rules without listening to your own heart,


then it will eventually make you lose confidence to deal with anything outside of the box.



Here’s the fact.



Top investors never practise herd mentality,


and the best entrepreneurs break the rules to disrupt the current industry, that’s why they are the 1%.


(I say break the rules but i don’t mean breaking the law or be unethical, please differentiate…….)


You need to have haters in order to get fans, being successful doesn’t mean you are Perfect,


but it surely helps create more value and make the world a much better place.


Be polarized.

Be yourself.

Help those who matters.




5) Being Superstitious



It’s all about luck?



Then i should be dead by now instead of writing this article. 


At a point of time, I was the most unluckiest person on this earth.


I’ve lost my entire family leaving me alone while I ended up with a pile of debt (inherited from the deceased) and nearly got fired from a job that doesn’t even make ends meet.


Do i have a choice to blame it on luck?


I could have just ended my life there, but instead i chose to squeeze the last


drop of energy i have left & pull myself together and get back on my feet,


with the strong intention to not let the people i loved die in vain.


But YES, I do blame on luck.


If it wasn’t this shitty luck that i have…….

then i would not be successful.


Oprah Winfrey, Colonel Sanders, J.K.Rowling, Walt Disney and thousands of successful people in the world have the same crappy luck that they did not
choose to have.


Perhaps having ‘good luck’ is the main reason why people are not successful, 

Because it’s actually a curse to prevent you from developing the strength, knowledge & endurance to triumph in life.










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