When i started with facebook ads a couple of years ago,

I am totally overwhelmed by all the “social media experts” mentioning jargons

that makes simple advertising






At point of time, i wanted to quit doing ads and request help from digital advertising agencies.


on second thought, 

Do these so-called “experts” try to Confuse, Convince & Con us into buying their services?


Hmm… Well, 


After spending years of training & experiments, I finally managed to simplify all the complicated explanations into layman terms, 

So simple that even a high school grader could understand. 

But before that,

For those of you who are confused about CPC, CPM, CTR, take a few minutes to watch this video first:


Brilliant, save this video so you can refer to it or share it to anyone who needs to know.


Now let’s get back to the original question in this post, 


→ What is a Good Click Through Rate (a.k.a CTR) for facebook ads?


 Most answers i found on the internet gives a common reply:


“It Depends”


Although I completely agree with their comments, let me provide a clearer explanation.


Starting with one important question: What is the main reason for you to advertise? 


Let me cut everything short and go straight to your ultimate purpose,


that is to get SALES & CUSTOMERS!!


Unless you are a glamorous celebrity or a crazy maniac (like me) who pays tons of dollars on facebook ads to be famous,


Politicians who want to get more votes, running a cause….


The ultimate final intention to advertise is always to SELL SOMETHING and GET MORE CUSTOMERS. 

(Do comment below if you can think of other reasons, i would love to know)


OK, back to the topic.

So let’s say you are selling a product at $100, 

And your profit is $10.


If you pay $1000 running a facebook campaign ads,

    You must get 100 customers to break even. 


If your profit margin for each product is $50,

    then you only need 2 customers from that campaign ads just to break even.


In order to exceed the break even point, you need to get more customers converted from the ads spend, which is also known as ROAS – Return On Ads Spend.



GOOD ROAS < (No. of customers X Profit) – Ad Spend


It’s Just That Simple. 



So let’s talk about facebook & instagram,

How do we ensure that we always get more customers than the money spent on ads?

In the end, it all comes down to 3 factors and 1 system.

So the 3 factors are:

  1. Targeting
  2. Ad Creatives
  3. Ad Title & Copy

I always get arguments about which factors and sequence should be place first,

but let me tell you after years of experiments and failure, this is the ultimate final best.



Targeting is NO.1

Let’s say if you are selling burgers, what is the no.1 thing you want most?




PEOPLE WON’T BUY your delicious burgers if they are not starving,



Selling dog food to people who don’t even own a pet at home doesn’t makes any sense.

Therefore, targeting the right audience with the greatest potential to buy

is the most important criteria.



Why Ads Creatives is NO.2?


If you scroll across facebook news feed, what’s the biggest “Scroll Stopper” ?

Many experts love to argue about this……

I would confirm it’s the image or videos because it consumes the most VISUAL SPACE in the news feed. 

Therefore, the audience will capture your ad creatives easier compared to the Ad Title and Sales Copy…..

So make sure your ad creatives are compelling and outrageously grabs the attention by the throat.



No.3 Ad Title & Copy

The real reason people scroll into social media is to Kill Boredom.

Placing an advertisement that says, 




 It’s kind of boring……..Unless it’s a Ferrari you are selling.


You see, we are all scrolling the social media to look for some form of entertainment to fuel our curiosity, a distraction to relief from the current state of mind.

Facebook content and sales copy works 2-3 times better if there is a story line, 

something a little personal and less formal, 

Something funny and hilarious,

Or gives a shocking WTF kinda excitement to trigger engagement with your audience.

If you want to master the art of creating high converting facebook ads to get 10X more customers than just break even,


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