The Guarantee Method to get 20% ROI in 10 months 

INVESTING STOCKS without putting your hard earned money at risk.

How to work towards your first million net worth fast, with just $100 a month.

Warning: If you expect this to be a “dirty secret” or “fast money scheme” to build a million dollar net worth in one week, then you’re in the wrong place.

Are you feeling stuck in a dead end job wondering if there is any chance to be a millionaire?

Or you want to achieve financial freedom but it takes “forever” to save half a million, especially with all the bills, vacation, insurance and other living expenses getting in your way….

To make matters worse, inflation rise beyond 5% every year which degrades your money value in the bank, which means:

–> 100K dollars value will only be worth 75K in 10 years, 

–> 50K in 20 years,

& perhaps only 10K by the time you retire.

Not to mention the increase in living expenses and other unforeseen incidents.

 If these are you worries, then read on.

There are 2 options for you:

A) Real estates, which requires more initial capital funding and less liquidity,


B) Stock Market, which requires capital as low as $100 a month and you can grow your money up to 20% ROI per annum.

Imagine if you can grow your savings into a multi-million dollars cash in the bank,

retire 10 to 20 years earlier and enjoy a life with abundance wealth with your loved ones……..

Even if you are working in a standard 9-5 job, 

Earning less than $3000 a month, 

Over 40 years of age, 

Married with children,

Or a new to stock market investing.

How to win the game of Advance Stock Market Investing

Welcome to Value Investing Masterclass – The only course you ever need to discover the secrets in building your wealth effectively through stock investing with the lowest possible risk.


" Simple, Easy, Yet Comprehensive"

The simple method derived from Warren Buffett strategy to pick profitable, steady and fast growing stocks without ever losing money again so that you can sleep soundly regardless of the market fluctuation.


"Low Initial Capital, Real Life Examples"

How a former factory janitor can also grow his wealth from 50 dollars a month to 2 profitable businesses and a multi-million dollar portfolio through value investing.


" Millionaire Mindset Formula"

How to disengage yourself from herd mentality, spot an undervalued stock that most novice investors missed out, grow your wealth exponentially.


"Be like a Seasoned Investor in Weeks"

Read sophisticated financial statements, monitor and manage your investment better than the wall street seasoned experts without needing a finance degree or any prior knowledge.


" Evergreen Stock Investment Strategies"

Knowing exactly the right price to buy, hold and sell your shares to maximize your investment return year after year. Works in all countries Stock Exchange, Never Gets Old.


"Copy from the World's Greatest Experts"

Discover the first hand winning investment strategies used by the world’s greatest investors like Warren Buffet, Benjamin Franklin, Peter Lynch, Ray Dahlio & more!!

About the Author

Hi, I am Sontz Jon, founder of digitalqlicks and self made millionaire who started off as an investor while working in a 9-5 job. With just $200 savings a month, I manage to grow it to a million dollar portfolio in 12 years.

What do Investors who benefit from this says:

I had enjoyed it al the way through, includes one of the best free & robust method to identify intrinsic value of a company. It was indeed an eye opening! 

Buddy Cori

Venture Capitalist & Investor

Perfect concise explanation and methodology, examples were very helpful to assist me in making my first significant profit in stock market investing.  Great learning experience that would definately help me grow my wealth to million dollars portfolio!

Barbara Pohnan

Retired Housewife

This course is really good for even beginners like me, i have gained much confidence to start value investing immediately. Thanks a lot!!

Chakshu Aggrawal


As a financial advisor in an investment firm for 8 years, i am suprise to learn many new things in an investors prospective which provides me a whole new insight on how to better value stocks and companies financial health.

Fione Kwong

HK Financial Advisor

So what make this course so different ?

First of all, this is not about reading charts, speculating or gambling to go big or go home.
This is about having full control, knowing that you are going to make a real profit based on logic, analysis & calculation, just like an engineer building an airplane knowing it will fly.

Secondly, this course is to help you make decision as an investors, not an accountant. We highlight the important metric and characteristics that all investor must know, and discard other factors that only creates emotional confusion.

Third, many people thinks that the more material in the online course the merrier, which is so wrong.
Our objective is to provide RESULTS with the Fastest Learning Curve Possible.

This is exactly what Value Investing Masterclass is all about, let me walk you through everything that is covered inside:

#Secret 1: Value Investing Fundamentals Complete Crash Course

Discover how to look for great profitable stocks & never ending continuous flow of investment ideas in just 3 simple steps. A simple approach that can turn any newbie into a value investing expert.

Worth: $97

#Secret 2: Business Financial Assessment Professional

Uncover the secrets of how to read & decipher complicated financial reports under 30 minutes that top millionaire wall street gurus does not want you to know. Gain the ability to determine a company’s financial health fast and accurately, works for all the stock exchanges around the world.

Worth: $97

#Secret 3: The Intrinsic Value Calculation Formula

The combination secret formula from various experts such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham to identify a company’s share price worth, so that you can avoid buying at the wrong price and paying over the odds.

Worth: $128

#Secret 4: Value Investing Trading with Graph Chart Reading

An extra lesson using graph charts to further speculate possible bulls or bear and protect your investment against market fluctuation.

Worth: $29

#Secret 5: Timing Strategies for Maximum Profits

The ultimate portfolio management strategies knowing when is the best price to buy, how long should you hold, and the perfect time to sell your shares for maximum profit investment returns.

Worth: $97

Sign Up Now & Get These Limited Time Bonuses:

#Bonus 1:

Another secret free resource & techniques to capture what the top billionaire investors are buying in real time, and how to benchmark & emulate their success.

Worth: $69

#Bonus 3: 

Discover the free resources library to extract detailed financial reports, news, insights, accurate facts & figures for absolutely FREE without paying any expensive membership fees, works all all stock exchange markets around the world.

Worth: $69

#Bonus 5:

Continuous updates every six months plus stock market info insight emails and reports.

Worth $50

#Bonus 2: 

How to use Value Investing in Stock Options & gain extra investment returns up to 25% per annum on top of your basic portfolio with the lowest possible risk.

Worth: $69

#Bonus 4:

The unorthodox method to portrait yourself as a professional finance manager to ask important questions during the company’s AGM meeting and extract important information that will determine the future of share prices. 

Worth: $69

Total Value Worth: $774.00

Get Access to Digital Millionaire Value Investing Masterclass & All The Bonuses

For Just $29…

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Learn the strategies, techniques, formula and apply it to grow your financial investment. If you are not getting any results after 1 year, or you think this course does not benefit you in some way, send us an email and we shall provide you a FULL REFUND.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Value Investing Masterclass For?

Value Investing Masterclass is for anyone who wants to learn how invest in stock market and generate a good return over a long term period of 5 to 10 years. The course consist of beginner entry level fundamentals all the way to advance secret strategies learn from world’s famous investors and personal 12 years of experience.

Does Value Investing Still Works?

It is the most crucial part of stock market investing that cannot be missed for anyone who wants to protect your investment against all odds & build a genuine growth of wealth. Investing without understanding it’s true value is like jumping into deep water blindly without knowing how to swim. This is one of the biggest myth that people mistaken about value investing being outdated or irrevelant. This is an evergreen must know for every investor.

If i have a question, will you answer them?

We are always open to questions from students from all over the world, 24-7. Feel free to message us and we shall get back to you with real, proper research answers, for life.

Is this course suitable for a complete beginner?

Value Investing Masterclass is properly structured & simplified to ensure anyone can understand and master the skill as soon as you complete the course regardless of your background. As long as you have the passion to learn and take action, the course this right for you.

Is Stock Market Investing Risky?

There is always risk in investing. Therefore it is advisable not to skip any of the modules and make sure that investors follows the steps according to avoid financial loss. 

What is the difference between stock trading & value Investing?

Stock trading is to speculate the market and make a profit based on intuition, which is similar to gambling. Value investing is to understand, analyze, calculate and develop strategies to allow maximum control over your investment and win over odds or risk. 

Why is the course so cheap? Is there any great value content?

This course has been sold for the past few years and has already earns its ROI. We would like to continue our passion & share these secrets to help others achieve their financial freedom. Every penny gain from customer will be used to maintain, update and improve the product and materials year after year.

Does this apply to only certain country stock exchanges?

Value Investing works for all stock market exchange around the world, best applicable for main markets with strong financial background. Value investing is NOT for speculators, gamblers or hackers who wish to get rich fast, willing to take maximum risk.

Are there any hidden charges or upsell?

There is no upsell or other hidden charges after completion of course. You get everything as promised with new updates every year.

What are the requirements to join this course?

You need to have the passion to learn and mindset ready to accept delayed gratification for the next 5 to 10 years. Only high school elementary math and basic english shall suffice, no prior experience, knowledge or background required.

Do i still be able to grow my investment during uncertain times with what i learn?

Uncertainty times are the best time to invest!! Top investors buy it cheap when times are bad and sell it the highest when market are opstimistic, which will be completely reveal throuhout the course.

Now it’s time to make a decision

Option 1: Do absolutely nothing and continue to rely on the government provident fund to barely survive after you retire, provided if you are in perfect health condition. Give up the dream to even live the life your desire, forever.

Option 2: Learn it yourself the hard way. There are plenty of books & courses out there that cost 10X more than what we are offering. Start dipping into the water with the high chance of losing thousands of dollars every trial until you get it right, provided IF you have plenty of extra cash.

Option 3: Get all the heavy lifting & risk taking removed so that you can focus on making profitable investment from day 1 after completing the course. 

Stop missing the boat to build great wealth & Start Value Investing Masterclass Now!!

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