How to Increase Website Traffic Today – The Secrets that Nobody Tells You

If you have a website, you need traffic.

There is no doubt about it.

Generally, everyone wants more traffic to their website, the more the merrier. However, based on my previous experience, I had paid hundreds of dollars every month generating over thousands of traffic, but they come and go without adding any value to the business. 

The One Lesson that i had learnt above everything else is that: 

  • QUANTITY is not something you should be worrying about, but rather you should stay focused on the QUALITY of the traffic that can help you generate more leads and eventually turn it into profit.

Here are the 4 important criteria in getting tons of quality traffic that truly matters:


1) Write with Clear Intention

Many people build websites with a very “lame” intention. 

Creating a website because every other business or influencers also has one. Pack the web pages with boring facts and info just in case if anyone wants to know more, they can briefly browse through it.

You see, when the intention is weak, the efforts to spend on developing & maintaining the website will be reduced. That’s the reason why many businesses are “sucked” at creating a web page that can generate traffic.     

Let’s be honest to ourselves, especially business owners.

We want to create a website because we want traffic, 

and we want traffic because it can get us more leads, 

and eventually turn leads into loyal customers or fans. 


So in order to get more web traffic, you need to architect the web structure and content that generates curiosity and interest to the visitors, just like a 3 year old kid’s first visit to Disneyland. You need to write intriguing copies that grab their attention and generate a great deal of interest and value, from single sentence headlines to videos, social media posts, articles and stories etc. etc.

Every single page must have a crystal clear intention, or else the lame reasons to create a website will reflect on the page content, making visitors leave or run away when they see your content.

Having a clear path in mind makes the visitors bookmark your website, stay tuned to the latest updates and continuously come back for more. 

In order to do that, read point no.2.



2) Position Your Content.

I have engaged with countless content on various topics. But one thing I realize is that most content is simply a repetitive copy of what other people are doing.

If you don’t believe it, try google “best digital camera 2020” & the page is filled with tons of information that is quite similar to one another.

Visitors who read this content never really cares about the website or the author. 

They choose to forget about them and filter off anything that is not relevant to their intention or interest, because all this common information is everywhere, and everyone is fighting for attention.

Position & Differentiate Yourself.

Create specific content that gives a huge reason for people to check you out and keep them coming back because you have something unique to offer them that is not available anywhere else. 

Here are the 5 methods that helps you stands out differently:

Dig Deep: Cover the detailed portions that matters

Fill the Gap: Show something that was missing in their content

Tell a flip side: Write a piece of content from another perspective

Stories: Present the content based on true stories

Metaphor: Explain using other representation to give more clarity 



3) Content Seeding

This is one of the most powerful tactics i revealed in one of my udemy courses:

“Sales Page Secrets that Converts Traffic Into Customers”

You need to insert “seed messages” into your content to educate & indirectly trigger the audience mind subconsciously. 

For example, if you are selling an induction cooker you need to emphasize on the toxicity of carbon residue that can harm the body, and even doctors and fitness experts prefer induction cookers. This will eventually create a message for both fitness and health conscious audiences that induction is a healthier way to cook.

Recently I watched a documentary film on Netflix called “Chasing Corals”, the story uses powerful images and time lapse videos of dying corals to create awareness about our global warming, intensively connect the emotions of the audience and educate us on how we can do our part to help save the beautiful oceans and marine life. Since the release of this masterpiece, many companies and interested parties around the world started to sign the petition & implement eco-friendly low carbon emission to help stop global warming.

People love to buy stuff, but they do not like to be sold.

Therefore, the psychology behind content seeding is to break down the persuasion into several segments so that it can be easier for people to digest. Each segment should consist of great value to the audience in order for them to “buy” what you are trying to convince.

A powerful content writing drives motivation to promote brand or product, educate the audience, and most important, direct the readers to take action indirectly.



4) The Hidden “Call to Action”

6 years ago, I was writing content for my engineering blog. As mentioned previously, I had also taken a portion of my salary to drive ads for traffic. 

The statistics show a decent amount of traffic to my website, but with no outcome.

At a point of time, I felt silly.

What am i trying to achieve here?

I spent more than 3 hours a day putting up high value content but achieved nothing in particular. Not until i consulted a full time automotive blogger who was able to generate up to 7 figure income a year without running ads…..do i realize the missing “puzzle” about creating a website content.

There is no “Call to Action” integrated within the content.

There is no trigger for the web visitors to take action:

Signing up Newsletters & Free Giveaways,

Filling Up the Contact Form,

Call us for an appointment or ask us any questions,

Like, share and Follow Us on social media etc.etc.

These are the most important leads that I was missing out since the beginning of the website development. In fact, most businesses out there were also making the same mistakes as I do.

Your website copy either works or you fail. Traffic doesn’t roll in when your audience just browse through, get your information and leave. You start generating Real Traffic when you’re the one who gets the audience and readers to take action:


Sign up,


Opt in or Buy. 

You don’t half cook your website, there is no such thing as “medium rare” when it comes to generating digital traffic. You have to put in strong efforts to build a formidable foundation. 

There are strategies like facebook ads masterclass & sales page secrets to help you discover ways to build better traffic and conversion.

You can hire a website designer to develop the graphics & UX, but the essence of the content, the words, has to come from you, because no one is more passionate about the product and business than you do.




5) Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Last but not least, is to have the content optimized to be search engine friendly (SEO).

There is the On-Page SEO, & the OFF Page SEO.

On Page SEO is something that the website owner can control, by altering your web content and other important parameters to work well with search engine algorithms. 

  1. Keyword Research – Analysing the most accurate keywords to fetch organic traffic from search engines without paying a single cent. This always works well when you position yourself against the industry, giving out unique content that cannot be found elsewhere.
  2. Basics Of SEO – Meta Tags, Url, H1, H2,H3, indexes etc. Having the basics in mind when developing the content will ascend your keyword search results higher in rankings. Every web owner should know the basics, and you can always hire freelancers to do the task while you manage the highest level.
  3. Fastest Loading Speed – Helps increase SEO rankings because no one likes to wait for a page to load forever. 
  4. Mobile Friendly – Make sure your design layout suits both desktop and mobile devices. There is no need to explain that we are all oftenly using phones and tablets to stay online now. 


Off Page SEO is a task that is out of your control,

like building links (a.k.a Link Building) at other people’s websites that will lead towards you, 

having  fans & followers to continuously share your links to others,

or social media engagements with your web content.

This is the advanced SEO techniques to win against strong competition.


In a nutshell, it’s easy to create traffic by simply posting “ Kardashians in Nude Bikini”.

But all you ever get is just pure Dead Traffic. 

Visitors comes to your websites, get those pictures and then just leave forever, 

Without coming back,

Without noticing your existence.

However, with the simple 5 strategies above, you will gain better quality visitors to your websites.

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