Are you new to facebook ads? 


If you are NOT getting a tremendous ad results, that is probably because you had missed out 14 other different marketing objective secrets that to target highly interested audience.

Worry not, because i will provide all you need to know about running a successful facebook ads campaign in this blog post, in 3 simple steps.


1) Create a Business Or a Fan Page

If you want to run a proper facebook campaign, you will need to build a specific business or fan page. 

(This is not your regular personal account page!!)

It is the first thing you need to do because the ads will be linked to your business or fan page. 

You need to add a cover image,

 a logo image,

 and descriptions that contain keywords to boost your google search ranks….

Which means your facebook page will also pop up from google search engine page when people are looking for related topics. 

This will give you an extra advantage to get organic traffic from google searches.

Once you have got your facebook page up, you will realize that there is an extra tab called “Boost Post” which basically allows you to increase engagement of your particular post.

Although this feature has been improved over the years, i do not recommend you to only use boost post.

If you really want to be really serious about getting results,

Start moving towards setting up your Facebook Business Manager Account Now!!


2) Facebook Business Manager

→ Go to Google, and type in:  “Facebook Business Manager”

→ Select “Business Manager Overview – Facebook”

    (Another alternative is to enter the url: business.facebook.com)

This is where you need to create an account. Follow the quick video guide below to set up your account in no time. 

**Note: you must have a facebook account and a business or fan page before creating your Facebook Business Manager. Be sure to also have credit card details ready beforehand.


3) Installing Facebook Pixel

This is the golden secret that truly makes a difference,

The most important step if you really want to make a profit from running facebook ads.

That is to install Facebook Pixel.

What is facebook pixel?

Facebook pixel is like a “CCTV” to track every visitor that comes to your website.

 It’s a very powerful tool to help you re-target your ads to people who have high interest in what you are selling, and capture analytics info about their buying characteristics, so that you can sharpen your target and enhance your conversion rate. 

To do this, you need a website.

Go through the video below: A fast step by step on how to install facebook pixel with traditional standard cut & paste coding method.

Congratulations!! You have completed the setup one and for all, and now it’s time to start creating your first facebook ads. 


4) Identify the Right Marketing Objectives

Now, calm down.

The Facebook business manager can sometimes look like an airplane dashboard, but you only need to know less than 30% of all the features to make great profit.

The rest can be learnt through continuous practise or you can sign up for my programme and gain the complete ultimate secrets that were passed down to me by multi-millionaires that made it through selling their products on facebook. 

When you start creating your ads, facebook will request you to select the right marketing objectives,

Mainly divided into 3 categories:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Conversion

Each category has a specific algorithm that helps you gain best results based on your marketing objectives. In the last video below, i shall run through what are each objectives and when to use it.

Facebook marketing objective explained:

Great!! Now you are ll set to run your facebook ads.

One Last Tips:

Remember to “NOT HARD SELL” when it comes to posting on social media.

Instead, build a fan base and give more value to the audience, help them resolve a problem or relief from a pain.

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