How much money can you hold? The types of Wealth Container. 


So, have you ever wondered what is the size of your wealth container? 

Let’s just say if you hit the lottery jackpot of 10 Million,

What would you do with all the money? 

The decision on how to use the money correlates with the size of  individual’s wealth container.

I came up with an interesting philosophy to categories how much wealth does a person holds.

Here are the 4 types of wealth containers:


1) The Spoon ($1000 – Less than $10,000)

People with spoon wealth containers live by the moment, paycheck to paycheck.

The amount of money earned is just enough to cover bills and basic living expenses.

About 80% of the money disappears the minutes they receive their paycheck. The remaining 20% is to survive till the next income.

Any bonus or extra cash will be spent on whatever temporary luxury items or indulgence. The opinions of others does not matter to spoon containers as they can easily feel contented in life.

The spoons feels anxious when they have too much money in their stash. 

For Spoon Containers, Life is about Survival.


2) The Bowl  ($10,000 – Less than $1M)

Having an extra $10,000 cash in your bank account, or less than a million net worth?  Probably 87% of the world’s population falls under this group. 

Job and occupation is the major income stream. Due to the fact that life is like a continuous non-stop routine, the bowl containers (or bowlers) always seek for getaways and escapades. They are willing to save money and spend it on vacation, travelling while gaining experiences as well as quality times with their loved ones. 

“Bowlers” always have extras to send their kids to colleges or a survival retirement fund. They will try not to overspend every month, and even push themselves to save more, calculating the cost of every product they buy.

The bowlers have extremely sharp eagle eyes to seek for discounts, bargains & great offers.

Investment is like a part time hobby or a “nice to have sidelines”.

Always like to talk about how rich and successful other friends are, dreaming about owning a dream car or house but never being able to get one despite “sacrificing for something or someone more important”. 

Some bowlers are very sensitive about how others would portrait them. Therefore they would always buy branded stuff and keep up with the joneses to stay in their social circle. 

However deep inside, they believe that making 10 million in this lifetime is almost impossible, unless you hit a jackpot or did some unusual, illegal, unethical, sophisticated, risky……….or whatsoever in order to gain that much. 

Bowlers think themselves as being capable of creating very limited amount of wealth, always never having the “Time” or “Opportunity” to try something outside their comfort zones.

Therefore, if bowlers experience a rainfall of wealth that is far beyond their container size, the first objective is to “quit the job” —— after paying off whatever debt they owe. 

What will bowlers plan to do with the extra money they have…… always remains a mystery.

For Bowl Containers, Life is about Security.


3) The Bucket ($1M – $20M)

People who falls into this categories are millionaires.

“Bucketeers” had achieved a certain wealth milestone in life whereby money is no longer an issue. They have secured investment portfolio that helps generate cash flow to live a comfortable life. 

Bucketeers are sometimes being misunderstood as lavish spenders but in reality, they are just seeking to be as normal as possible. In order to continuously remain as millionaires, they do not keep their money in cash, but rather place it in investment vehicles that they are comfortable with. 

Here’s a secret that no on tells you, bucketeers are particularly good at growing their wealth. But instead of diversifying their portfolio, bucketeers focus their efforts to continuously to grow on whatever they are good at. 

Another surprising secret, millionaire bucketeers don’t really have a budget in mind. It’s not because they are rich and able to do so, but because of having a strong sense of self control to only spend on things they need, rather than lavishly splurging on things that are unnecessary, which is the reason why they became millionaires.

After all, there is no point in keeping up with the joneses to prove yourself rich when you are already in the list. 

However, people who inherit wealth from their parents have very different characteristics from the real bucketeers which is often mistaken.

56 out 70 bucketeers would also heavily invest in education. Not just academic, but financial, spiritual as well as experiential education.

For bucket holders, Life is about enjoying Success.


4) The Barrel ($20M – Billions)

Finally, the largest wealth containers of all, the Barrels. The super wealthy 1% who has more than $20M in net worth…………………… 

All Barrels have a common trait – They have a certain Form of Power.

It seems like every word they say holds power to change the world and make a difference.

Barrels are always talking about solving the world’s biggest problem and placing full focus on things that really matter rather than mingling around with small money.

In order words, big billionaire barrels are mostly visionary geniuses, and they never do it for money. When most people lose their motivation after achieving millions in their account, barrels never stop growing and learning as they have a strong sense of purpose and passion. 

Take Elon Musk for an example, starting 3 big ventures with all the money he has after selling paypal for $180M, while borrowing money for his rent. As of Today, he is probably building a trillion dollar empire.

Steve Jobs was over $100M worth at the age of 25, but he never cared about how much he made. He simply wants to make his vision of creating “ A computer in the hands of everyday people”.

In fact, they will succeed no matter what the “weather” is. They never wait for conditions to be perfect in order to make a strike, but rather push through regardless of what the circumstances are. They will do whatever it takes to make dreams come true, which include betting all of their entire wealth. 

Despite having big wealth containers, billionaire barrels are frugal as hell. Warren Buffet is the fourth richest in the world yet owns a modest house in Omaha worth around $300K and daily breakfast for only $3.27 a day at McDonald’s, which he holds massive shares in.

However, when it comes to bringing vision to life, these barrels do not hold back, they go all in.

Money & wealth to barrels is just a sign of success, what they are truly seeking, is Significance.

In conclusion, high income earners does’t mean they have big wealth containers, and low income earners can also build wealth if they can hold. But the biggest wealth container of all, focus on values that they can bring to the world.





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