How to go from 0 to first 5000 customers in the shortest time period

How to Create an Irresistible Sales Page

That Makes 

Audience Felt “REGRET” For Not Buying from You

Even if you are not Good at Selling 
A Creative Graphic Designer
(Warning!! These methods are highly hypnotic)

Are you ready to start an ecommerce business selling products online?

You wish to grow your business and get more customers through a website?

Do you have customers complaining that your products are too expensive?

You don’t really like to sell face to face with a potential customer?

IF Your Answer is YES, 

then read on because i have something that will amaze you.

The Reason Why People Lose Interest in your Web Content

Is because your sales page does not draw enough curiosity in both Words and Art.


Your offer structure and message flow



I have put up a 4 week step by step course structure to help you create a mind charming sales page that seduces your audiences to TAKE ACTION. 

( Not for the fainted heart!!)

And Here is How it Works:

In Week 1 Module – Sales Page Hypnotic Formula

Get Your First 1000 Customer

I shall reveal the one thing that makes a sales page converts

Hypnotize Your Audience

The mind control techniques that top copywriters use to “hypnotize” audience

Sell 10X Faster

3 step process that simplify your sales page writing (what takes 3 months can now be done in a week)

Make 8 Figure Sales

Build up to 8 figure sales by positioning your product and make competition irrelevant.


In Week 2 Module – Irresistible Offer Craftsmanship & Enticing Message

The GodFather's Strategy

How to make prospects an offer they can’t refuse

Offer Value Amplification

Psychological techniques to amplify your offer’s Perceived Value 10 Times More.

Mind Reader Message

Write Content that speaks through the heart of the prospects

Social Proof Quick Tactics

Quick & fast way to build solid validation, Credibility and authority quotes. (Create proof even if you do not have testimonials yet)


In Week 3 Module – Hypnotic Visual Arts & Voice

Sales Page Visual Anatomy

Sales design layouts that works for various industries (B2B, B2C,Services, Physical & Digital Products)

Find Your Inner Voice

STOP copying sales messages. Create an intriguing write up that is unmistakably you!!

Spice Up Your Web Content

Turn boring web content into an exciting blockbuster and make the audience crave for more…

The Serious Mistake Eliminator

The mistake that you should not be doing + how to fix your existing sales page and make it convert.


In Week 4 Module – Advance Sales Page Funnel

The Magic Carpet Ride Strategy

Technique that will boost your conversion 100X more

Successful Sales Page Case Study

Studies From 6 different various industries, 9 different types of products and services

Proven Sales Page Templates

No more trial and error, know what put place in the webpage and where

Re-targeting Technique that Converts

How to craft a message that will draw back prospects that left your webpage, and make them buy


365 days Bonus Strategies & Community Support

Bonus 1

How i create a “world class standard” web page design without a single code or hire a designer.

Bonus 2

Discover hidden customer needs and write words that influence their desire.


Bonus 3

How to write a persuasive bullet point copy for many other purposes, less is more.

Bonus 4

 Hollywood screenwriting techniques for web content to make your prospects hold onto every word that you are saying.

Bonus 5

The 6 years experience an case study on which short pages works, and why some long pages sells like crazy too.

Bonus 6

Join the community of like minded “thrivers” as they share their Golden Nuggets base on real experiences.

365 days Support

Ask any questions regarding the subject and we shall reply with a solid in depth details and sincere feedback to ensure you get more than just an answer.


90 days Get The Whole Course + 100% Money Back Guarantee

ENROLL THE COURSE TODAY and complete them in 4-6 weeks with another 6 weeks to try out. If you think that this course isn’t right for you, send us an email to digitalqlicksasia@gmail.com, show us that you had done the assignments but it didn’t work and we shall provide a 100% money back guarantee without any question asked.

We ensure you have NO RISK on your side.

—Janis Demera


Join 4000 Students

Enroll now & get up to 99.9% discount

For The Total Package

(T&C applied)


Common Questions

Why do i need a sales page, i already have a home page

A home page is a main area for visitors to navigate and check out the latest promotion (while no one really buy anything here), while a sales page provide detailed features and benefits of a product leading towards a payment process, a convertion point from interesed prospects to buying customer.

Does the Sales Page Work for affiliate products, services, software apps or physical products like art and jewellery?

Hypnotic High Converting Sales Page works for anyone who wants to sell anything online, be it Physical Products, SaaS, Online Courses, Services or Counselling etc etc.

Every aspects requires a proper method to convey all messages which the buyer needs to know, i will show how to sell online without being sleazy or manipulative.

Why should I learn this course when I can hire a sales copywriter for web designers out there?

One of the biggest mistake is to hand over the most important thing that keeps the business afloat to third parties, if you are fully running an online business. No one will sell with more passion and comitment than the business owner himself.

This course is not mainly about the technical skills on how to use a software to produce a beautiful website. Hypnotic High Converting Sales Page is about the planining highly effective strategies, managing visual audio psychologies and tactics in a web page that can hypnotically make people buy without you being face to face with the customer. 

You can obtain all these knowledge given and hire a freelancer to work according to your direction, or you can do all the work yourself…..there is totally no obligations.

What if I do not have any products to sell yet?

If you do not have any IDEA what to sell online, then this course might not be right for you. If you have a Brick & Mortar store, plainning to be a coach or know what you want to sell, then this course can help you create a high converting sales page.

Do people buy anything online through a website without face to face conversation?

Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Lazada are the very few stores that makes millions to billions revenue completely online. It’s has benn a obvious trend since the last decade that ecommerce is part of the modern day lifestyle.

Will this course work for me if i sell products on Amazon, ebay or Shopee?

90% of this course strategies and tactics can be applied to most of the ecommerce business model other than the customized layout section. Do submit us a question or any problems you are facing and we shall respond to help you individually.

How long will this material be available and accessible?

The course can be accessible anytime and anywhere as long as you have your credentials and devices. On top of that, you will gain 365 days of full support if you have any questions or issues regarding the High Converting Sales Page starting from the day of purchase.

take action & you shall be rewarded!!

Since you have came this far, give yourself a chance 

What is the value of being able to create an evergreen sales page that works for years?

Imagining the benefit of building an automatic selling machine that works around the clock and it only takes about a week to put together…..

I personally used the exact same material to help me sell my digital products, launch a promotion or even link it to social media posts that continuously generates sales for me around the clock. 

Is there any better investment than this?

Build  sales page that converts customers like crazy after course completion or 100% 60 days money back guarantee, no questions asked!!

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