So what is this DigitalQlicks all about?

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Ever wonder how to start a business from scratch?


…… When you have no money or experience?

…… While you are working on a daytime job? 

…… Struggling to put food on the table

…… Lack of time to do what it takes for the

   business to thrive?


If you fall into any of the above,

then you came to the right place………

Hello! I’m Sontz Jon

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Digitalqlicks is a place to give everything you need to start an online business


  • Getting more customers & sales revenues
  • More clicks to your website
  • Boost traffic conversions
  • Persuade someone to work with (or help) you
  • Create brilliant ideas and how to work on them
  • Pitch to Investors or crowd funding
  • Creative ways to solve problems


And many more…..


You can dig through thousand of books, research papers and spend on costly training  to find the ultimate golden nuggets that suits your business……


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