My Eyes Rolled.

Yet another declined in my facebook page engagement when i received an email report. 

I truly felt like it was an uphill battle and a waste of time to continuously create post after post without getting a good sign of traction for my business.

In fact, there are so many other things I need to focus on and creating social media post content seems like an overwhelming task that eats up most of my time and energy.

What do I need to do in order to get out of this?

My posts are unique & informative and they are not available in other sites. So what else has gone wrong.

How can I make my post more engaging to the audience?



One day, as i attended a business conference summit with the top market leaders,

i met a guy named Vince, throughout a long and interesting conversation he showed me a facebook page which has nearly 2.1 million followers with thousands of engagement growing organically, and for the most interesting thing of all is that….


→  He hasn’t updated his facebook page for the past 9 months.


Vince is not a ‘Hollywood’ celebrity or an important public figure as I know, but he was able to pull it through as if he was like one.

Eagerly, I asked him how he did it.

Vince has a very different approach when it comes to posting on social media. 

Instead of blaming it on the facebook algorithm killing off organic reach of a page, he managed to ride the wave and reverse the effect. 

A simple technique to gain real followers that will promote the brand effectively and connect to people that truly matters.


Here are the 5 secret strategies to triple your facebook page engagement without spending a dime!”


#Secret 1: The 9 Seconds Headline

In today’s world, the human brain attention span has shrunk to the size of a goldfish!!

Recent studies have shown that, if you fail to capture the audience’s attention within 9 seconds on social media, YOU FAIL!!

That’s just about one sentence worth of words to grab their attention and seduce them to read on.

You need a Killer Headline. The words that capture your audience’s attention within 9 seconds before their thumb starts to move and scroll you over.

Luckily, i am a Malaysian and we are good at expressing everything in a shorter sentence. I hereby gathered 6 different evergreen formulas that you can use to create your 9 seconds intriguing killer headlines.

Click Here to download these 6 killer headline formulas.  


Secret #2: Learn Pattern Interrupt

So why do we go on social media?

It’s definitely not because your mom told you so, or your boss asking you to take a break between work.

We are there for only one reason: That is to KILL BOREDOM!

When we are in a Bus Station, we scroll

When we are in the Toilet, we scroll

When we are waiting for someone, we scroll.

When we are in a restaurant, we snap a picture of the food,

post it on social media ,

so that others can see it when THEY scroll.

Welcome to the world of social media as we already know.


There are tons of attention grabbing posts channelling across your mobile devices every single minute, which totally shrink our brain to the size of a goldfish, processing the things we see everyday.


In order to grab attention, you need to BREAK THE PATTERN.

Ok, what does that mean?


One day, James (a single guy) was riding a bike across the street.
Then he saw a very attractive lady walking pass that captures his glance in a moment.

However, instead of focusing on the road, that attractive lady manages to break the pattern and draw the focus of attention towards her (un-intentionally), which causes James to run into an obstacle ahead.

This is one common reason why many traditional advertisers use pretty ladies to attract attention in billboards or television ads.

Some ads use very outrageous images and creatives at the beginning.
The whole idea is to divert the focus of someone’s attention and divert towards your target.

There are tons of great viral trends that you can google on and benchmark some of the ideas to make your audience say LOL!! WOW!! OMG!! WTF!!




Secret #3 Power of Polarity

It was in the year 2016 when Donald Trump was elected as the next President of the United States.

Despite doing all the craziest stuff and saying all the things that could have destroyed any politician’s career, he managed to shake it off like dogs drying their wet body.

He continues to offend the media outlets that are opposing him, but due to the noise and arguments, he ends up reaching more people that will resonate to support him.

Everybody was upset, but after a couple of weeks, nobody wants to talk about it anymore because it’s boring and the world moves on with another topic.


So Lesson here is:
We Cannot Please Everybody.


Becoming a “people pleaser” just to play safe does not really make you a role model.

Instead everyone will feel deep inside that you are a boring, weak and a loser who does not have his or her own standpoint. 

Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Hitler & many world’s greatest leaders are all polarized. They take the biggest risk to stand firm on what they believe and to protect what really matters against a huge crowd of haters.

Vince mentioned a very powerful point, to be a “Professional Marketer” your aim is to set personal emotional aside and welcome both supporters and haters to make noise in order to help your marketing message stand out in this competitive environment.

The Noisier, the better.
You’ll get organic free exposure.

It doesn’t matter if it’s positive or negative, as long as you can trigger the audience’s emotion to make a powerful statement in your post, then that is considered to be a successful engagement. We are living in a free world given the rights to voice our opinions.

It’s just business.


Secret $4: Handling Haters

Learning how to handle the haters truly correlates to the power of polarity.

Here is the reality, we are living in a world filled with different kinds of people from various backgrounds, ethnic, behaviours, gender and much more diversification.

Introverts will dislike certain extroverts behaviors, bookworms will have different perspectives compared to street smarts, adventurous people will love to take risks while steady ones prefer stability and order, even different genders will have something to oppose about. 

If you do not want to have any criticism, do nothing, and you will also achieve nothing.

When we voice out an opinion that matters, there will always be people who disagree and oppose, and because of that it also helps us resonate towards others who strongly agree and support.

I have a friend who runs a pedicure business and got bad review ratings on google one day. Later she found out that the person who posted that review wasn’t even her customer.

When she mentioned it in social media about the false review, many of her fans and regular customers started to get concerned about it. They begin to share their great experiences and satisfaction of the pedicure service, and the true reason why they became a regular.

The news spread widely amongst the locals and because of this incident, the pedicure business gained a higher level of reputation & trust.

Many authorities oppose Tony Robbins as an un-certified life coach. However, he is also the most famous and highly paid coach in the world, which provides hope to those who wish to chase their dream to become an expert in a specific subject.

As I had observed, people who give sarcastic negative comments are normally those who are unsuccessful and jealous about others’ success. I’ve never seen billionaires and great leaders ever give a negative comment to other thrivers. 

H = Haters

A = Angry 

T = Towards

E = Everybody

R = Reaching

S = Success

If you are not doing a good job, they will not buy or you will get constructive criticism. Which is good, because you get the best consultation to improve better for free. 


Secret #5 Call to Action Incentives

One of the most effective tricks Vince showed me in the facebook page, is to create a reason for people to comment and share.

The best way to blast your post with engagement, is to provide something of value for free, and request your audience to comment “YES” or anything you wish them to comment on in order to gain that giveaway item.

The more people comment on your post, the merrier it gets.

This simple trick will trigger facebook algorithms to expand your reach towards a wider audience and so forth.

** So think of a simple value you want to give away, and request the audience to comment or share the love.


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